Hi Jonah Lake here

    There will be a huge change in my music the next few months. I am leaving my reggae tunes behind to go into the studio and on to the road doing the music I've always done and loved. I've written maybe 25 reggae songs but I have recorded over 80 Singer songwriter/folk songs and written about 80 more. So my next album will be a chilled out roadtrip, fingerpicking ( think my songs Sail On or Neverland ) back to my roots style of music. When that album is released there will be a few new singles as well.

Out of my top 20 songwriters only one reggae artist make the list. Same when it comes to inspiration. I feel I need to get inspired again so I will go my own way.

All the songs from the new album will also be released as live videos.

After this I will continue recording similar music and next year I will do a rock album. YES you heard it ROCK! I was raised on rock and I've had two rockbands in Spain between 2007 - 2014. My voice is more suited for rock. My inspirations are similar to Led Zeppelin, Blind Melon, Nirvana and The Kinks etc

A dream come true!


Hope some of you stay with me..


 Peace and Love / Jonah Lake


Have look for here for photos, tour info, gigs etc.

Interview in New Zealand Surfing Magazine

New Zealand's biggest surf magazine!

The interview is called Stuck in transit

You can read it without the photos online on Pressreader by clicking HERE


Another interview about my new album, my life as a musician and surfer. Check it out!


Have fun, make music, go surfing, feel the sun, kiss the rain, make love, get lost, go travel, feel free, love life, hang loose,
follow your dreams, don't grow up, slow down, relax, adventure, do what you love, love what you do.
" One more day in Neverland
I could stay here forever, man
Lost in the jungle without a plan
Think happy thoughts and fly like Peter Pan "
Jonah Lake
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Neverland is my latest album. A compilation of nine songs I felt like sharing with the world.
It follows the same path as my first album Free soul.
After touring for three years, I felt it was time to do some new recordings.
Recorded the same way as Free soul with the same vibes. Songs about getting lost
and feeling home.
Hope you like it.
/ Jonah Lake

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